Free music website lets you listen to classical music online

By Michael HiltzikAssociated PressPublished: May 23, 201711:50am EDTIn this May 23 file photo, an artist performs at the Kaleidoscope Gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts in San Francisco, Calif.

The online-only streaming service Classical Music has unveiled its free streaming service, which lets users listen to classic music online, free of charge.

The site, created by music service Spotify, allows users to download a digital MP3 of a song, and then download a song or albums from Spotify to a smartphone or tablet.

The service also lets users download a full album of songs and listen to them in a new tab or window, and stream them to other people’s devices.

Users can listen to up to 20 tracks in the first week of service, with further tracks available through the week.

Spotify said it expects to roll out a monthly subscription service that costs $4.99 per month to more than 4 million users.

The service is the brainchild of two artists who have both previously worked at Spotify, Eric D. Williams of The Dixie Chicks and Paul McCartney of the Beatles.

Williams and McCartney worked together on the service, but McCartney recently left the company.

Spotify declined to comment on whether the two artists are still working on the company’s free music service.

The two artists said they chose Classical Music because they were looking for a new way to find great music for their own tastes.

The website will include a collection of hundreds of free classical music recordings, including some from the likes of Beethoven, Bach and Brahms.

The music is curated and curated by the artist and their artists, Williams said.

The collection will include music from artists who Williams said were “on the cutting edge of what classical music can do.”

Williams said that he and McCartney were also looking to create a platform for musicians who wanted to make their music available on Spotify.

“We’ve had an incredible response from listeners,” he said.

“The artists and the fans are loving this platform, and we’ve seen that through our free listening.”