How to make your Android device use more battery and save more energy – the iPhone 5S

If you’re an Android user, you’ve probably noticed that Android devices tend to be much more efficient at using battery and energy.

We’ve already mentioned that Android users tend to spend more time playing video games, and now we know that Android device energy consumption is also much more than other mobile devices.

According to a study conducted by the battery-saving company EnerSys, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 use a whopping 47% more battery power than the iPhone 6 Plus.

As you might imagine, this translates into an enormous amount of extra power that’s being used.

The average iPhone 6 uses around 5% more energy than an iPhone 5, while the iPhone 7 Plus consumes 5% less energy than the original iPhone 6.

This is a big deal because it means that iPhone devices have to be used more often, but it also means that more battery life is being saved.

This doesn’t mean that your iPhone is going to be any better at conserving battery life than an Android device.

If you’re in a pinch and you have to turn off the iPhone’s battery completely, you’ll still have to sacrifice some battery life by using more battery.

But in general, it’s important to remember that the iPhone and Android are different, and there are ways to make them both more energy efficient.

Here are three ways you can use Android devices to save energy:1.

Turn off the battery completely on your Android devices2.

Turn the device off when you don’t need it to3.

Turn on the device and turn off any other apps that are not needed to use itThe easiest way to turn on the battery entirely on your phone is to turn it off completely when you’re not using it.

This will conserve battery life, and will ensure that your device is always powered on.

You can also turn off other apps on your smartphone that aren’t necessary to use the phone, such as Spotify, YouTube, and Twitter.

When you turn off your battery completely you’ll have to use some of the energy that your phone needs to work, which is good for you and the planet.


Reduce the brightness of your Android phone to a lower level and make it less energy efficientIf you have an Android phone, you may have noticed that it tends to have a lot of energy consumption.

This is because it’s connected to the Internet through WiFi, which takes energy.

You don’t want your phone to drain your battery and heat up, so make it much quieter and turn it down a notch. If you don