‘Fashionable’ women have been ‘fascinated’ by ‘fringe’ trends

The fashion world is obsessed with fashion trends, and in the latest wave of trends, it’s a woman’s style that is attracting attention.

The latest trend in fashion is ‘fashioning like a teenager’ with an emphasis on being fashionable in the digital age, said the CEO of the American Fashion Council, Shari Goldberg.

Women are obsessed with the look, but it’s not just girls that are wearing these things.

There are young women and young men that are interested in this trend as well, Goldberg said.

The trends are becoming more mainstream.

There is a growing interest in women who have this vintage look and are trying to do it in a more chic and modern way.

The fashion industry, Goldberg added, is not necessarily geared toward the young and feminine.

There has been a shift away from that and more into the older and male-oriented types.

It is becoming a bit of a trend in the industry, but I think there is more interest in people who are over 40 and older than we have seen in the past.

It’s an area where there are many of us.

There are women who are looking for something that they look like but that’s not the same thing as being a fashion icon, Goldberg continued.

A lot of what’s happening in the fashion industry is about the same age and they’re also interested in looking the part.

Goldberg said that in the last few years there has been more female fashion designers and designers of color, but there are still a lot of white designers and those who are white.

We’ve seen a lot more diversity of women that are making that transition and I think that’s great.

The main difference between those who were not born into this world or who are not from the fashion world, are women of color who are now having to deal with these issues.

There’s definitely a need to diversify the marketplace and there is a lot going on there, Goldberg noted.

The number of women working in fashion, in the U.S., is higher than the number of men.

There’s a much larger percentage of women who work in the clothing industry, and they work in a number of different departments, she added.

There is a need for people to get out there and be themselves, Goldberg emphasized.

And, as much as we want to do this for our daughters, we need to help them be themselves as well.