Music site Free Music’s ‘Big Brother’ trial kicks off on November 4

By Alex RuppertNovember 3, 2017—Music site FreeMusic announced today that its Big Brother Music trial will begin November 4, the same day that it will debut a new version of its subscription-based music service.

The new service is available on Mac, iOS, Android, and Web browsers, and will cost $9.99 per month to access and listen to music in full.

The company also launched a subscription service that is currently in the works for a limited time, offering $15 a month for access to unlimited music.

FreeMusic said that its new service will be available to subscribers of its other services, as well.

FreeMusic’s trial is one of the most popular in the music industry, with over one million paying subscribers in the U.S. alone.

The trial will be offered for $9 a month, which will be a good deal considering that you can get free access to music on any number of devices including Android, iOS and Mac.

Free Music said that the trial is available for free on any device with a current subscription to Free Music, but that it is only available to customers who have paid for a music subscription.