How much does a typical live concert cost?

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to talk to live music producer and promoter Dave Grohl about what he’s paying his customers and the process of booking an event.

Grohl is a huge fan of streaming and says it’s a way for artists to be more accessible, more transparent and more transparent about their revenue.

Grohls first gig was at a show in Atlanta that sold out in under an hour, and since then, he’s booked more than 40 shows, including some of the biggest acts in the world.

“I’ve got so many artists and venues that I know that I can only put in 10 shows a year and a lot of them have really great lineups and really great venues,” Grohl said.

“So that’s a huge part of why I’m really happy with how the industry is going.

It’s actually really easy to make money off of this stuff and it’s really easy for people to understand how it works.”

Grohl, whose company has a history of working with artists, said he was excited to be able to partner with another company to create more affordable live shows.

“We have the best live talent, we have the biggest and best studios, so it’s actually the artists that really have the money and the ability to be in the middle of all that,” he said.

It sounds like Grohl might be able a deal to do this, though, since he’s already got a partnership with Sony Music that lets artists and producers use Sony’s exclusive streaming technology to stream their music.

“It’s an interesting way for me to be part of this ecosystem,” Grohles says.

“Because there’s a lot more money in this world now than ever before and it makes sense for me and other people to be a part of it and have a way to monetize this stuff.”

Grohhl also has an agreement with the city of Atlanta to put on a live music event on the eve of the NBA playoffs, which is a little odd since Atlanta was already hosting an NBA championship game.

It will probably happen in the summer, but Grohll said it’s not certain yet.

“We’ll see what happens,” Grohs said. 

I’ve reached out to Sony Music to see if this is the first live music festival to get a Sony streaming deal, and if it’ll make it into the fall.

If Sony does get a streaming deal for the Olympics, it could help support local artists who are playing on their own time, since Sony has a deal with the Olympics that lets them stream music for free. 

“It’s very interesting to think that there’s this kind of opportunity where people like Dave Grohalls will have the ability, maybe at a certain point, to be directly involved in this platform,” Grohr said.

“It is definitely something that we are excited about.” 

It’s not the first time Grohl has worked with an event organizer.

Earlier this year, Grohl partnered with his band, Foo Fighters, for an event in Austin, Texas that sold about 2,000 tickets in just 20 minutes. 

It sounds like he’ll be making some changes to his lineup to make this happen.