How to tune into the new music and entertainment channels online in Tunisia

A popular free-to-air radio station has become the latest outlet to go live in the country where the conservative government has cracked down on dissent.

The Al-Azhar University radio station in Tunis began broadcasting on Friday, a day after the government banned social media channels.

It was one of the first stations to be allowed to operate, although it was only able to transmit on a fixed frequency, which limited its ability to reach out to listeners.

The station’s chief executive, Mahmoud Dauda, said it had a huge audience and that its new channel, Al-Amal, would broadcast in more than 120 cities.

Al-Amel, like other free-media outlets in Tunisia, can offer free music, documentaries and videos, but the station’s website offers no information on its programming.

Al Amal was founded by the radical preacher and blogger Salah Daryani in 2015 and is run by a small group of Tunisians.

The government’s ban on social media and other online platforms has forced the government to crack down on news outlets, as well as the media, including radio and TV, that criticize the government.

Tunisia’s government has also cracked down severely on dissenters, cracking down on the country’s first free press, the Arab Press Association, which is considered the backbone of media freedom in the region.