How to listen to free music on a tablet, smartphone or laptop

The free music apps are getting a boost.

Apple Music is now available for tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Now, Google Play Music, Spotify and Google Music are all available to stream on smartphones and tablets.

Apple has also added a music player called Tidal.

And there are a few more apps available. 

For more, read This is what you need to know about streaming music.Read More In other news, Google is adding the ability to control the sound of music in your phone.

This will allow you to adjust the volume in your smartphone, but also give you the ability for music to be heard through a speaker or a speakerphone.

Apple is also expanding its YouTube app to work on tablets and smartphones.

It will allow users to play videos on their phones and stream them to their tablets, tablets, and Apple TV, if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.