The top 100 U.S. TV shows and radio shows in 2016

Radio and television play a large part in how Americans consume entertainment.

This year, it was the top 100 shows on TV and radio, according to Nielsen, and a record high for radio as well.

But, it’s the top of the list that will likely take the most attention.

“The top 100 in terms of TV and the top 90 in terms, I think, are a good indication of where we are in terms to where we want to go in terms on the overall quality of television,” said Scott M. LeBlanc, the CEO of LeBlanche, an entertainment analytics firm.

“I think there are many shows that are doing really well that are really just in their early stages.”

And while it’s hard to know exactly what to expect from a show, he said it’s clear that the top programs are doing well.

“There are shows that, to be honest, if you were to take a list of all of the shows on television, they would probably be a little bit less successful than the ones that were on the top 10,” LeBlance said.

“But I think it’s just the nature of the beast that shows in a given year can have a little more success than shows in the next year.”

For example, there are some shows that had great success in 2016 that are not going to be as good this year, said LeBlanch.

“For example, The Good Wife.

It’s a very long-running show and that’s the reason why people are so passionate about it,” he said.

Another show that did well last year was The Big Bang Theory.

“It has a very specific audience, it has a lot of fans, it does very well on the broadcast network, it is very popular, it got a lot more viewers last year, so I think that has been a good year for it.”

The top shows that did not do well in 2016 are all of those that are in a similar genre.

“If you’re a television or radio show, you’re not going out there to go out and go out there and get as many eyeballs as you possibly can and be successful,” said Leblanc.

But some shows, like The Walking Dead, have been really successful.

“So I think you can probably see where the trend is,” he added.

The next year is likely to be a tough one, with a new show or two on the horizon.

“And the one thing that I think is really important for the next two years is that people understand what they’re getting into when they’re watching TV,” Leblanche said.

Leblanch said that the big news in 2016 was that more than 90 percent of U.K. adults were online for the first time in 2016.

“That shows the amount of attention people are paying to their television, especially when you have a big show like The Big Bank,” he noted.

“They really are getting into the content they’re consuming, which is a great thing for people.”

The big question this year will be whether or not this year’s TV shows are going to carry on that trend.

“What’s interesting is that in 2016 we were getting the likes of The Walking Out, but we’re now seeing The Big Bads, which we’ve been getting for a long time, which was a really great show,” said Shilpa Prabhu, an analyst with ComScore.

“In the summer, we were seeing The Good Place, which I think was a great series, but it just hasn’t been as successful.

And it’s very interesting to see what is happening this year because I think people are watching more and more shows that don’t necessarily carry the same brand.”

The biggest question about the year is how many shows will continue to grow.

“When you look at what’s been successful in the past, the answer is not that many,” LeBanc said.

It could be that shows are just not getting the exposure they need.

“One thing that’s always interesting is we see shows that we thought were going to fail, but they have been successful,” he continued.

“As we go along, there is always a question of, how do we get more exposure for our shows, how does this show do more?

But I think we’re seeing a little less of that.”

If there are a lot fewer shows on the air this year compared to last year than there were in 2016, it could be because of the impact of climate change on the season.

That said, “There is always something,” said Prabhuk.

“Maybe there’s more time to prepare for the weather or to be able to weather it better.”

The first season of The Good Doctor is on NBC, and the second season is on the CBS All Access streaming service.

“A lot of shows that have been on TV for a while, like House of Cards, have come back and they have a lot to offer,” Prabhi said.