Tunisian Radio is a big success, Tunisian government says

TUBA, Tunisia (AP) Tunisia’s government says its radio station is a success after it raised more than $100 million in a crowd-funding campaign in a bid to transform the struggling news station into a major international broadcaster.

The announcement on Sunday by President Beji Caid Essebsi’s office was the biggest by any state-run media outlet since the Arab Spring, a movement that toppled dictators in the Middle East and North Africa.

The new Tunisian state-owned media outlet, known as TUDI, aims to be the countrys largest online-only news and information portal, as well as the country’s first digital news platform, the Tunisian daily Al-Jazeera reported.

The station is owned by state-controlled Tunisian Oil and Gas Company (TNGEC), the newspaper said.

In addition to its online-first approach, TUDi will provide an array of digital content, including news and social media coverage, as part of its coverage of current events and politics, the daily reported.

Essebri is also expected to address the new news platform on his visit to London later this month.

In an interview with the news agency, Essebisi said TUDIs success was due to its emphasis on news, and the media’s lack of political and cultural content.TUDI is the result of the Tunisians efforts to make news and provide information about the daily lives of Tunisians, he said.

The state-affiliated news agency was created in 2017 with $2.5 million in funds from the state oil company.

It is expected to be a “new and innovative platform,” Essebedi said.

Tudi is a state-funded, state-supported media outlet that is financed by oil revenues from the national petroleum company.TUNIS, a country of 4.5m people, is known for its high levels of violence and corruption, and its government has faced criticism over poor governance and the country has been hit by three years of protests that have brought the Tunisi government to its knees.

In the past two years, the government has sought to reform the media and modernize the country, but some say its efforts are not enough.

The government said TUBI’s digital news channel will serve as the backbone of the new Tunisi media platform, which will allow the news and commentary to reach a global audience.

The TUD1 digital news and entertainment platform will be run by an independent team of journalists who will be based in the Tunis airport and the city of Tunis, according to a statement from the Tunis-based state-backed Tunisian News Agency.

The team will provide a wide range of news and content, from breaking news to sports, politics, sports, business and education.TUBI also plans to create an international news portal called Tunisia TV, the newspaper reported.

The Tunisian National Broadcasting and Information Service (TNI), which is based in Tunis, will also create an Arabic-language version of the website, the TNI said.