France Inter radio: Free radio for everyone

RTE has been delighted to have been given exclusive access to the French Radio and TV station France InterRadio.

Free radio is free from all interference and is free to listen to on mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, TV, satellite, and online.

France Inter is a daily programme that offers a wide range of free music, sports, sport, comedy and other programs.

France is also a major music destination, with the biggest music clubs in the world in the heart of Paris, the Paris Opera House, the Sorbonne, the Louvre and the Louvain Opera House.

France Inter is currently running a special free radio show on its website, as well as an online podcast and a special video podcast called France Inter, hosted by former French prime minister, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

The France Interradio show has been a huge success, reaching over 6.3 million people in a week and has been widely promoted around the world.

The first episode is available to watch here.

Listeners have had the chance to discover some of the highlights, including the introduction of the new logo and music by French electronic musician, Yannick Leclerc, which will be featured on France Inter.

The next episode will air on Sunday, September 17 at 16:00, and the final episode will be broadcast on Friday, September 23 at 15:00.

The free radio programme features live music, sport and more, with music from the likes of Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Alessia Cara, and many more.

Free radio is available from all over the world, so you can keep up to date with all the latest news and entertainment.

You can find out more about France Inter and France Inter online at the official website, or check out the France Intercast Facebook page to follow the show.

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