What you need to know about NFL radio softball soft music

The softball schedule has been set.

This season, you can expect to hear the softball games on ESPN2, the Disney Channel and ESPN Radio.

The soft ball schedule also includes the MLB playoffs and a home-and-home series with the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs.

The schedule also features the NFL playoffs, the NCAA tournament, the NFL draft and the World Series.

You can also get your NFL fix by tuning in to the NFL Network on ESPN.com and other partners.

Here’s a rundown of the schedule for 2017:• ESPN softball schedules: ESPN 2/Disney Channel• ESPN Radio softball: ESPN Radio Network (includes playoffs, MLB playoffs, NCAA tournament and World Series)• MLB playoffs: ESPN2 (includes postseason, regular season and conference championship series)• NBA playoffs: MLB Network (including the playoffs and conference finals)• NFL playoffs: NFL Network (regular season and postseason)• World Series: ESPN (including post-season and post-world championship series, with postseason series beginning in 2021)• The Oscars: HBO (including an Oscars night)The schedule is in addition to the standard ESPN schedule, which is available on the ESPN app.

This year’s schedule is the second year that ESPN softballs will be available in the app and also includes some of the programming from the NFL.

You’ll be able to stream the playoffs, playoffs-only programming and the MLB postseason, among other things.

The NFL playoffs will air on ESPN on Thursday, April 8.

This is the last time the NFL will be airing its regular season on the network.

The NFL is currently in a one-year deal with the NFL Networks, so ESPN will likely have some programming available on that date.• ESPN Softball schedules for 2017 have been announced.