How to track ICO activity with Coinomi token tracker

The Coinomi ICO tracker has a new tool to track how much ETH the ICO token holders are investing in, and it allows them to track their tokens at a glance.

Token tracker, called the CoinomiToken Tracker, was built to help ICO holders track their ETH investments and also to help investors track the amount of token they invested in.

The token tracker will track ICO tokens on a per-address basis, and can also show how much tokens were sold, the price per token, and the amount raised.

The tracker will also show the average value of tokens traded per day.

The platform will track each token and calculate how much they are worth.

In order to track an ICO token, users have to sign up for the token tracker app and enter their email address, and that’s all.

The token tracker is also compatible with other platforms, including Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic.

Users can track the ETH investments they are investing and how much each token is worth, and they can see the price of the tokens they invested, the amount they have spent, and how long they have been trading the tokens.

The Tracker also allows users to see the average price per ETH, the current average price, and other relevant data.

According to Coinomi, the Token Tracker allows users who are interested in tracking their ETH holdings to track them in a way that’s easy to follow.

For example, they can add their account to the tracker and enter an email address to track the token, which will help them keep track of the funds in their account.

The Coinomi team also stated that the token trackers functionality can be extended to allow the token holders to set up alerts for other tokens, and also show their token balances and the average amount of tokens they have.

Token Tracker is available now on the App Store and Google Play.