The 2018 World Cup final could have been a much more entertaining affair

Listen: Watch: Watch the 2018 World Championship final live stream from Wembley, London on Monday 7 February 2018.

Watch: Watch Real Madrid vs. Juventus in the World Cup finals.

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The 2018 FIFA FIFA World CUP Final between Real Madrid and Juventus will take place on Monday, 7 February at Wembley Stadium, London.

This will be the first time the final will be shown live on a live television channel and the World Championship matches will also be shown via the Sky Sports Go app, with the finals also being available via the BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport app.

The two sides will meet in the final of the World Club Championships, a prestigious European championship for players and coaches, hosted by the FIFA Executive Committee.

Tickets for the match have been available for purchase for the past six months and are priced from £7.99.