How to get free music with Spotify’s app for Android and iOS | The Verge

By downloading the free music service on Android and iPad, you can get access to an unlimited amount of free music, even if you don’t subscribe to Spotify or the streaming service itself.

The Spotify app for Google’s mobile platforms allows users to purchase unlimited streams of popular music for free through the service.

Spotify offers a wide selection of tracks, genres, and genres, from classical to pop to dance music, and offers a full library of artist tracks.

Spotify is not available for Apple devices, but a number of free streaming services also allow users to buy music through the App Store.

Spotify has also introduced a new version of its mobile app, called Spotify Premium, which includes some of the best music and streaming services available on Android.

Spotify Premium will cost $4.99 for a month, and is compatible with Android devices running Google’s newest Android operating system.