Why Radio MFM, Radio France Music are not suitable for Tunisia

Radio Mfm, Radio French Music, and Radio France music are no longer available in Tunisia, following a decision by the telecommunications authority to shut down the companies on January 15.

Radio Mfm and Radio French music were among the most popular streaming music services in Tunisia at the beginning of this year.

TNA said it had received several complaints from Tunisian users who complained about the quality of streaming audio and video content on the service.

Tunisi’s Telecom Ministry announced on January 14 that the authorities would stop the operation of the two streaming music service providers after a three-month period, citing an “unprecedented” lack of interest from the Tunisian population.

In a statement, the Telecom Ministry said it would consider a range of alternatives in response to the complaints, including the creation of a public service on the Tunisians social media network.

In a blog post, TNA, a media company based in the United States, said it was looking for a partner to create a new public service in Tunisia that would be similar to the services in the U.S. and Canada.

Tunistan has the highest population of citizens using the Internet in the Middle East and North Africa, with approximately 14 million people accessing the Internet every month.

“We have to work with other parties, including a number of digital media companies, to create an Internet service that works for everyone in Tunisia,” said Nour Bouma, CEO of TNA.

“It’s about having a free, open, accessible, and diverse Internet in Tunisia.”