How to use the built-in tuner with a new iPhone 6S

New iPhones can now record audio directly from the built in headphone jack on the back of the phone.

Apple confirmed to Engadget that you can now use the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus as a wired headphone amplifier, without having to plug in an extra audio cable.

The headphone jack is usually hidden from view when you’re not wearing the phone, but when it is, it’s a great way to play audio over your headphones.

This feature will allow you to use your iPhone with the built In tuner on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus without having the built out headphone jack.

You can also use this feature to record and play music while using the builtin earbuds with your iPhone.

Apple says you can use the same settings and settings as you would in the built for iPhone 5s, which includes the builtIn tuner.

There’s also a “new” setting that lets you turn off the built ins tuner completely if you’re using your iPhone while using headphones.

Here’s how you do it.1.

Connect your iPhone to your Mac.2.

Press and hold the Volume Up button to open the Quick Settings menu.3.

Tap Settings, then the Bluetooth tab.4.

Tap the General tab and tap the Sound.5.

Tap Audio Tuner.6.

Press the headphone jack to turn it on and make sure the tuner is turned on.

You will then hear a notification on your screen that says “iPhone 5s Audio Tuning”.7.

Tap Tuner and you’ll see a list of available options.

Tap Sound.8.

Tap On and you should see an audio option under the Tuner tab.

Tap it and select the sound you want to play.9.

Repeat for the other tuners.

You should see the audio volume adjust with each button press.10.

Repeat with each new button press to tune your audio in the exact same way.

This may take a while.

If you hear no audio, try again.