How Radio Cherry got started with $30M in venture capital

By Simon Dawson/ReutersRadio Cherry FM is a digital music platform that allows listeners to listen to radio stations, podcasts, and other music.

The startup raised $30 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, which also invested in TuneCore.

Radio Cherry is one of the largest music services in Tunisia, and it offers more than 100 stations and dozens of podcasts.

It’s part of a growing trend of companies focusing on a more mobile, digital approach to music.

But for Radio Cherry, it’s an opportunity to expand its reach and reach its listeners.

Radio Shor is a music platform with a global reach.

The platform allows listeners and listeners to search for local artists, listen to live radio stations and podcasts, buy music through its digital store, and even rent CDs or vinyl.

While its service may not have a huge audience in Tunisia as far as the average Tunisian is concerned, its reach is growing rapidly.

“We are very excited about the opportunity of this kind of venture capital funding,” said Shor’s founder and CEO Nasser Al-Ghazi.

Al-Ahmed al-Qaikhi, an investor in Radio Cherry said the company’s success will be “a game changer for Tunisia.”

Al-Qikshi, a resident of Tunis, is a fan of the country’s music scene.

“The whole country is full of musicians,” he said.

“I love Tunisia, but when I listen to a new song, I can’t stop.

I need something to distract me.”

He’s excited that Radio Cherry has an opportunity for growth.

“Radio Cherry is a perfect example of how technology can change a business model and bring new ideas to the table,” he added.

Al Qaikhy said Radio Cherry will need to expand in order to compete with Spotify and Apple Music, but he believes it can do it.

“It’s a very fast-growing market and a very innovative business model,” he told Fortune.

Radio Chime is a platform for music lovers to find, listen, and purchase local music.

While Al Qikshy has not invested in the company, he does have a strong relationship with its founder, Ali Sbih, a Tunisian music lover.

Al Sbib is currently the CEO of Chime and a veteran of Tunisia’s music industry.

AlSbib said he has been looking for a way to expand his business.

“People are looking for something to keep up with the new trends and the technology,” he explained.

“If we can be more mobile and more affordable, we can grow the market.”

He thinks Radio Cherry can help the country to grow its market share.

“There are many Tunisians who have not had the opportunity to enjoy the music and listen to music from their country,” he stated.

“In my opinion, Radio Cherry provides the best service in the world.”

Al Sbrib believes that Radio Shors popularity will increase if the platform can provide more music.

“When people are searching for a local radio station, it creates a demand and creates demand for more radio stations,” he noted.

Al Khairat Radio, a startup in Tunisia with more than 30,000 subscribers, is also looking to expand.

AlKairat’s founder, Alaa Sbik, has worked in music for more than 10 years and is also a veteran Tunisian musician.

“Tunaisia is a very big country, and radio stations are very popular,” he stressed.

“But in Tunisia and the whole region, there are too many local stations.

So we are working on building more local radio stations.”

He added that the new platform will help listeners and users find local music and artists.

“This is an opportunity that I can not wait to take advantage of,” he concluded.