Why can’t you use your iPhone to record and share your favorite songs with friends?

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Because the iPhone does not support it.

Here’s why:The most popular thing you’ll want to do with an iPhone is to take a video or a picture of something that you want to share.

In most cases, you’ll be able to use the camera app to capture an image and share it with someone else.

But with the iPhone, there’s no way to record or share an audio or video with your friends.

The iPhone is only capable of recording video, and it doesn’t support audio.

The only way to use your phone to record an audio recording is to have your phone in a specific position, so you can press the record button on your camera app and the iPhone will record the audio, and that’s it.

That’s a terrible way to start sharing music.

You can’t share an image on Facebook or Twitter with an audio recorded with your phone.

In fact, there is no way for a phone to do this.

That means you can’t record an image or video that you’re going to share on Facebook with a text message or tweet.

But you can still send an email, which is also a way to share music and video on your phone without any of the problems of sharing a photo or video.

There are also other problems with using your phone as a recording device.

If your phone is in a certain position, your phone won’t record audio that it can’t see.

In the same way, it won’t capture the audio that’s coming from your camera.

If you’re using your smartphone as a camera, then your phone can’t capture video at all.

If the audio you’re listening to is inaudible, your iPhone will be unable to record the video.

There are a number of other limitations, too.

The iPhone isn’t the only phone that doesn’t do what you want it to.

The iPod and iPad both don’t record video, but they can still record audio.

And the iPad can’t even record video.

You can’t use the iPhone to send an audio file to a computer.

So you’ll need a separate iPhone.

It seems like there’s a big gap between the iPhone and the iPod and the iPad.

It seems that if you’re a music lover, you should be able do exactly what you’d like with an iPod or a video camera.

But in the case of the iPhone?

Well, you can do just fine with a phone that does exactly what your iPhone can do.

There’s a catch.

If, say, you’re recording audio with your iPhone, you need to use an iPhone app, and you want your audio to be heard, you won’t be able.

But if you want the iPhone recording audio for you, you just need to do a little bit of searching for “iPhone audio” on the Apple Store and you’ll find an iPhone audio app.

So, there you have it.

The answer to the question: why can’t we use the phone to capture audio with our iPhone?

That’s probably the biggest obstacle to the use of your iPhone as a music recording device, but if you don’t want to buy a new phone, the answer is simple.

You’re not a music fanatic, and your iPhone is not going to be the one to capture your music.